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Commercial water restoration in Albany

SERVPRO Can Get You Back In Business Fast!

Our Albany water damage restoration experts know that you need to keep your doors open! 

We understand that every commercial property is unique, and we provide personalized restoration plans tailored to the specific needs of each business. Our teams also have the equipment, expertise, and resources to handle projects of any size, from small offices to large retail spaces or industrial properties.

Bathroom with extensive debris from a fire

What a Mess!

Residential fires can have numerous consequences.  After this home caught fire, the local fire department extinguished it with multiple gallons of water.  The result was the collapse of the bathroom ceiling, leaving soot covered, saturated debris throughout.  SERVPRO of Albany and Americus came in, cleaning out the debris, and deodorizing the home, working to make the damage "Like it never even happened."

Dusty ductwork being cleaned with a black vacuum wand

Did You Know We Do Duct Cleaning?

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus has professional duct cleaning services available for both residential and commercial properties.  Duct cleaning can help to eliminate offensive odors within a building, improve the quality of the air, and help your HVAC system to run more efficiently.  Often, building owners and residents don't even realize how dirty duct work can get, but look and see for yourself!

Dirty carpet being cleaned with a metal wand

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus, along with water, fire, and mold damage restoration, offers a wide variety of cleaning services as well.  One of our primary cleaning services is for carpet.  We have the equipment and experience to tackle the toughest jobs, both residential and commercial.  Does your property need its carpets cleaned?  Call us today!

Drying equipment in front of a commercial building in Albany, Georgia

Water Damages Don't Wait

Water damages of all sizes can, and will, strike at all times of day and night.  To begin the mitigation process as quickly as possible after a damage occurs, SERVPRO of Albany and Americus offers 24/7 emergency response.  Our team is trained and equipped to handle both residential and large commercial losses, and are happy to be of service to you and your property!

Residence with heavy fire damage in Albany, Georgia

Professional Fire Damage Remediation

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus has the equipment, experience, and expertise to remediate fire damages of all sizes, both residential and commercial.  The above residence suffered extensive fire, smoke and soot damages from an unattended stove.  Our fire production manager, who holds nearly 20 years of experience and multiple fire restoration certifications, along with his highly efficient team, were able to remediate this structure and prepare it for reconstruction, which our team also handled.

Commercial Drying Equipment in front of a large warehouse

Large Loss Storm Response - Winter Storm 2021

In early 2021, as winter storms ravaged Texas, Arkansas, and other neighboring states, SERVPRO of Albany and Americus dispatched to help those affected by ruptured pipes, and subsequent water damages.  Our team provided clean up, remediation, and drying services for a commercial client in Arkansas, whose warehouse had sustained substantial damages.  Utilizing industry leading equipment, SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was able to dry this property, helping make the damage "Like it never even happened." 

Using drying mats on a home in Lee County, Georgia

Unique Drying Techniques

When it comes to water remediation, there are many different techniques and pieces of equipment that can be used to achieve different results.  Through extensive IICRC Training, the team at SERVPRO of Albany and Americus has learned a variety of methods to employ in order to best dry a water damaged structure.  These techniques allow us to more quickly and efficiently complete the drying process, reducing the probability of damages spreading.

Man in PPE spraying inside a commercial retail store

Cleaning & Sanitation Services for Albany, GA

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus offers a wide array of cleaning, sanitation, and disinfectant application services for commercial properties of all sizes.  From retail clothing establishments to industrial warehouses, our team has the knowledge, equipment and experience to safely treat your property.

Flooring Removal

This home was damaged due to toilet water line leak.  Luckily this customer was able to call us quick, however we were unable to save the floor, but we were able to save the subfloor.  SERVPRO of Albany and Americus completed this job quickly and efficiently.  

Storm Damage from Hurricane Michael

This home was hit by Hurricane Michael.  There was little structure damage, but the water intrusion came from excessive wind.  The skylight could not hold up to the wind and rain and allowed water to come inside the home.  


SERVPRO of Albany and Americus will set up containment to make sure that we protect customers belongings.  After we perform demo we like to make sure that the clean up process is quick.  We will protect contents and dust particles from being inhaled.

Ice Maker line leak

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was called to this house for an ice maker line leak.  This is one of the most common leaks inside the home.  Water was all over the kitchen floor.  We extracted the water and began the drying process.  

Water Heater leak

This water heater leaked and affected several rooms inside the home.  SERVPRO of Albany was able to extract the standing water throughout the home and immediately placed drying equipment.  The quicker we can get started, the better the outcome of being able to save the flooring.  

Fire inside Albany Home started in bedroom

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was called to fire that started inside a bedroom and spread throughout the home.  Most of the items inside the bedroom was a loss and had to be rebuilt.  We were able to salvage a lot of the contents inside the other parts of the home. 

Electrical Fire inside Albany Home

This fire damage began inside a room because of an electrical malfunction.  SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was able to get to the home and pack out the contents and placed them in our climate controlled warehouse.  We also was able to remove the odors and clean the structure from soot.  

Tree Fell inside home

This tree in Albany GA fell inside the home affecting the whole home.  SERVPRO of Albany and Americus had to perform a complete pack out.  We provide climate control storage on the contents until the home is rebuilt.  

Sewage Damage in Albany Home

We removed carpet and bagged debri from a sewage job in an Albany home. The toilet overflowed causing extensive damage to the customers bathroom, foyer, and living room. Equipment was placed in the home to dry out the damaged areas.   

Insulation and Wall removal

When a homeowner goes out of town for the week and they return to their home with water damage.  SERVPRO of Albany and Americus had to remove baseboard and walls until mold is no longer found.  

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was contacted during the storm to help dryout this room.  Storm damage caused the roof to leak and water was saturated inside the carpet.  We placed fans and dehus and were able to dry them out within a couple of days. 

Storm Damage

January storms that came through Albany impacted this home with a small tree branch that did some damage to the outside and inside of this home.  SERVPRO of Albany and Americus responded and was able to help this family.  

Storm Damage

This was damage from the storms that came through Albany.  SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was contacted to tarp and dry the inside of the home.  We first had to tarp the outside and contain the inside until power was restored.  

Storm Damage

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was contacted by this homeowner to remove the tree and tarp the home.  The straight line winds that came through this town did a lot of damage to the whole city and surrounding areas.  

Storm Damage

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus responded to a call through the night to tarp this home.  A tree fell through during the storm and busted a hole in the roofing system.  We were able to take care of the water damage on the inside as well.  

Ceiling Removal

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was called to respond to what appeared to be mold on the ceiling.  After careful inspection, mold was found and the ceiling in the room had to be removed and replaced.  

Bedroom Covered in Plastic

Personal Belongings Protection

When providing clean up and restoration services, one of the top priorities for the SERVPRO of Albany and Americus team is to ensure that our customer's personal property and belongings stays protected during the process.  One method of protection frequently used is to cover larger items of furniture with plastic sheeting, which keeps dirt, dust, or chemicals used during the remediation from affecting the items.

Fire Restoration

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus responded to this structure fire.  Although this fire was intense, we were able to save the contents in this room with our specialized cleaning products and years of experience in the restoration industry. 

Fire Loss

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was able to pack out this room in this house due to a house fire.  We were able to salvage this furniture and most of the contents in this room.  

Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus responded to a house fire in Albany.  This room was considered a total loss to the insurance, but even with a total loss we are able to inventory to compose a loss list for insurance companies.  

Fire Damage Back Bedroom

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus responded to a house fire.  Even though this was a total loss in the eyes of the insurance company, we were able to salvage some valuables inside this bedroom.  

Water Damage – Albany Equipment is Ready

Water damage in Albany can attack at any time. When it does, it usually creates multiple loss locations and numerous calls to SERVPRO. We pride ourselves on having the equipment and staff to respond effectively to multiple disasters of any magnitude. A sufficient on-site inventory and a bounty of well-trained crew members assure personal attention to your loss. I water damage strikes your home or business, call SERVPRO of Albany and Americus 24/7 at (229) 439-2048.

Water Damage – Albany Commercial Building

Water damage to this Albany office building occurred when a primary water pipe ruptured. As you can see in the photo, we had a tremendous water damage clean up project ahead of us. We brought in water removal equipment to pull the standing water from the building. We placed numerous pieces of drying equipment throughout the structure along with dehumidification equipment. We monitored the entire process for temperature, humidity, and moisture content throughout the project. When faced with an emergency water cleanup project, call SERVPRO of Albany and Americus at (229) 439-2048. We provide emergency service 24/7.

Albany Flood Damage to Condominium Development

An Albany condominium development suffered flood damage when a horrible rainstorm pounded the area. SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was asked to provide emergency water cleanup. We needed a great deal of equipment and an energetic staff to complete this project. We were good to go on both requirements. Every flood damage restoration project is different, but the equipment and procedures to clean up flooding remain very similar. This project required SERVPRO to bring in generators to power the amount of equipment needed to remove water and dry the facility. We are always ready with the latest equipment and highly trained professional crews to deliver fast and thorough service. If disaster strikes your home or business, call SERVPRO of Albany and Americus 24/7 at (229) 439-2048.

Mold Damage – Albany Construction Project

The project manager spotted mold damage at this Albany commercial construction site. Days of rain had soaked installed building materials through mid-day Friday. Mold infestations can take hold in 24 to 72 hours. This building project needed mold remediation by Monday morning. The project manager called upon SERVPRO of Albany and Americus to remove the mold. SERVPRO understands this type of damage, and they can find it wherever it is hiding. The developers were relieved that we were able to get rid of the mold and save them from the much costlier alternative of replacing work they had already done. We will tackle any size disaster you might encounter. Just phone SERVPRO of Albany and Americus 24/7 at (229) 439-2048.

Commercial Fire in Sylvester, GA

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was on hand to assist with cleaning up this large commercial fire in Sylvester Georgia. Removing smoke and soot from industrial equipment can be challenging. 

Commercial Fire in Sylvester, GA

After very heavy smoke and soot damage inside this warehouse, SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was able to remove the dense heavy smoke and soot from this industrial equipment.  This is very intense tedious work.  

Commercial Fire in Sylvester, GA

This Fire damage in a Commercial warehouse had smoke and soot damage on many of the electronics inside the warehouse.  This is the motor after SERVPRO had taken care of cleaning the motor.  

Commercial Fire in Sylvester, GA

Smoke and soot damage inside a large commercial warehouse is hard to spot.  Our Fire restoration technicians must check out the smoke on every surface.  Check out this electric motor!

Commercial Fire in Sylvester, GA

During a Commercial Fire Restoration job in Sylvester Georgia, Smoke loves to settle on any and all horizontal surfaces. You can't forget to clean the tops of duct work and conduit.

Commercial Fire in Sylvester, GA

This is a fire in Sylvester Georgia.  A commercial warehouse had some smoke and soot damage.  SERVPRO Fire Restoration Division was able to make it "Like it never even happened."

Christmas at the Lily Pad in Albany, GA

SERVPRO of Albany and Americus was happy to assist the Junior League of Albany in delivering some Christmas Cheer to those at the Lily Pad Sane Center. It was a nice change of cargo for this moving truck, which usually carries items associated with fire damage.

1st Annual SERVPRO of Albany Charity Golf Tournament

No fire or water damage here! SERVPRO of Albany was proud to put on our first ever Charity Gold Tournament benefiting the Lily Pad Sane Center. Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping SERVPRO of Albany in giving back to the community.